Connect to the right people

To successfully move a project from the laboratory to the clinic requires engagement with the outside world. We help you make the right moves.

Get practical


Find, understand, and engage with more experts.


Collaborate safely across continents and teams.

Save Time

Get up to speed – quickly.

Change your Perspective

Get a rounded understanding of the movers and shakers.


Engage Knowingly

When you are ready to engage, Thecosystems gives you a crystal-clear understanding of the people who matter: what role they play; their experience, skills, and interests.

On the Move? new

If you are sitting in a car or waiting room, or walking around a major conference, you can now get to the information you need.

Make a List and share it new

Thecosystems takes away the need for sending emails and playing with complicated Excel workbooks, offering a brand-new way of collaborating. If you spot something of interest, save it to a private list and share it with colleagues if and when you choose.

Bookmark For Later new

Your digital post-it note. If you come across something of interest whilst looking for something else, bookmark it. Come back later, and your saved bookmarks will be waiting for you to explore more detail.
Ask questions of Thecosystems in the same way you would of a colleague. It’s simple, personal, and modern. Discover helps you find things you don’t know about; it teases out your question and gets you straight to what you’re looking for.
More examples

A Mightier Search new

If you know what you are looking for, use the magnifier when viewing a profile, an activity, or anywhere in the Thecosystem.
More Examples

See People Differently new

Hover over the quick profile card and you will be able to:
  • See who someone is connected to
  • Add them to a list
  • Share their details with a colleague

The profile summary brings together key information about one person:
  • What they've done
  • Where they work
The full profile allows you to explore:
  • How they are connected to others and what they’ve done together.



Concentrated on one therapeutic condition.

Rooted in public domain data

Everything is linked back to its source.


You can customize it to your way of thinking and working.
It is a laser-sharp view of the global landscape relating to one therapeutic condition. We have brought together all the relevant public domain information we could find about a single disease condition (such as influenza). We’ve looked at guidelines, research, scientific congresses, clinical trials, and social media activities, to find out what’s been going on recently in the area, and which individuals are associated with those activities. We’ve brought it all together in an App.
All the information available in a Thecosystem is in the public domain. We have brought it all together, cleaned, organised, and connected it together. To give confidence, we reference each piece of data back to its source too.
Anyone who has held a leading, thought-leading, or influential role in the disease condition over the past five years. They may be someone who has been elected, invited, or co-opted into a leadership role of a professional association, editorial board, conference organising committee, or patient advocacy group. They may be a researcher, involved in publishing original research in the area, or involved in clinical trials, or health economic evaluations of new innovations in the area. It might also include activists: patients, politicians, celebrities with a specialised interest in the therapeutic condition.
Anyone who needs to understand the therapeutic world outside their business. It’s for those with responsibility for initiating and maintaining contact with the influencers, thought leaders and decision makers in a therapeutic condition.
Regularly and frequently.  We update important event information monthly, clinical trial and publication work quarterly, and key pipeline changes whenever they occur.
In how it has been built and delivered.  Trial it now, and you will be able see for yourself. Contact us and we will be happy to set up free trial.
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