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We’ve always concentrated on
the life sciences sector.

We work with businesses large and small, including some of the biggest names in big pharma and some of the fastest growing start-ups. (We’d love to tell you their names, but that’s not how this industry works). Our researchers and analysts have life science and data backgrounds, so they really know what they’re looking for when they investigate markets and therapy areas

We’ve always taken a global approach
to understanding influence.

Because diseases and influence don’t recognise borders, we search for and profile all of the most influential people in a therapy area, whatever their location or language. And we map all their connections and networks, everywhere they lead us.

We’ve always delivered research and analysis
that’s actionable and easy to use

So we’ve ditched impenetrable spreadsheets and over-stuffed presentations. Instead, we put our expertly-researched information into network maps, people profiles and background insight, and present it in our online service, Thecosystems.

Our Approach

To break the rules you have to understand them

Our long experience of researching stakeholders, influencers, key opinion leaders and thought leaders in different therapeutic areas gives us an insider’s view of the industry.

We’ve heard the gripes about unusable data, information that’s reserved for the C-suite, research that’s out of date before it reaches its audience. We believe there are thousands of people searching for the information they need to do their jobs, and wishing they could trust what they find.

That’s why we launched Thecosystems. Information that’s easy to use, fully authenticated and available to everyone. Online, all the time, by subscription.

As one pharma executive told us, “This is democratising data”.

Read more about how we see the world.

None of us is as smart as all of us.

Ken Blanchard

Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.

W. Edwards Deming

When the facts change, I change my mind – what do you do?

John Maynard Keynes

Peter Joshua

Peter’s background is in pharmacy, clinical development and the commercialisation of medicines. For the past nine years he’s steered our business towards the Thecosystems horizon.

Dr Peter Byrne

Our medical and research team is headed by Peter. Although his days in the clinic are behind him, it’s Peter’s clinical acumen, research experience and investigatory skills that enables us to deliver relevant and useful research.

Carlos Varela

Carlos heads the technical side of our business.  His team’s work in connecting data that’s never been connected before is ground-breaking (we tell him so – regularly).

Sharon Ewer

Sharon looks after our overall operations group. Her eye for detail (nurtured during her auditing days) along with her passion for team working ensure we hit our promises, on time, in full and on budget.

Fergus Higgins

Fergus sees data differently.  He leads our research analyst team, making sure that when something ‘pops up’ it’s investigated carefully and presented clearly.

Saliu Giwa-Osagie

With a background in the technical aspects of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals and now working in the research analyst team, Saliu’s skills help us to streamline our workflow and develop new ways of seeing and interpreting data.

Julia Brown

The newest member of our team is our communications lead whose advertising background enables her to drive the brand strategy with not only the big picture in mind but all the details as well.

Victoria Dokas

Vicky is an experienced and valued member of our marketing team. With a background in branding and print design, balanced typography, white space and clean lines make her tick.

Stop wasting valuable time and money
searching the internet.

We’ve done all the hard work.


Want a fresh perspective?

Thecosystems. Available instantly.