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1990s – Bibliometric Research

Encouraged by our clients, we started to conduct library-based research to find KOLs and early adopters in different disease areas. All our results were delivered on paper.

2000s – Sociometric Research

We added primary peer-nomination research. We interviewed KOLs and specialists around the world and delivered the results with PowerPoint slides and Excel workbooks.

2010s – Internet research for stakeholders

We started to gather publicly available information on a wider cohort of stakeholders who influence a disease area. Due to the complexity of the data and the interconnectivities we delivered the results through an online platform, the beginnings of what is now Thecosystems.

2020s – Network Analysis as a subscription service

Over the next 10 years we’ll carry on finding new directions to help our clients. At the moment we’re developing Thecosystems, our information subscription service for individual therapeutic areas. And we’re exploring adding in-depth network analysis and machine-learning capabilities.


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