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What is Thecosystems?

How to know your subject and your audience, inside and out

A Thecosystem contains a wide range of information to help you truly understand the disease area you’re working in: people profiles, guidelines, professional societies and events, news, networks and patient advocacy groups.  It’s all authenticated and connected, by life science experts from MMRG.

What can a Thecosystem do?

Thecosystems bypass internet searches for you. We capture the relevant data and eliminate duplication and error, to give you a complete picture of a therapy area.

See all the people who matter and everything that’s going on. From conferences and pipeline developments to new organisations and the latest guidelines.

Explore networks of specialists, advocates and collaborators, and find the true influencers and opinion leaders.

Engage with your target audience, knowing you’re fully briefed on each individual and their interests.

Equip and inform your stakeholder engagement

See things differently.
Build a fresh understanding of the disease area.

Search quickly.
Focus on the people, bodies and events that really matter.

Engage professionally.
Keep up to date on what’s happening and with whom.

What’s in a Thecosystem?

Connected information. Detailed, referenced profiles of people, organisations & bodies. News, events and trends. You’ll be able to see how everyone and everything connects, globally.

Your Thecosystems subscription gives you instant access to robust and easy-to-search information that’s:

  • Disease-specific
  • From publicly available sources
  • Authenticated and accurate, with no fake data
  • Regularly updated
  • Cross-referenced, with source details
  • Trustworthy, complete and connected.

This is now our go-to-place when targeting stakeholders for engagement.

Global External Relations Director

There’s now no reason for our MSL’s to waste time on Google. It’s all here.

Global Medical Director

Today we all do our own thing. This offers us all a view of something that's currently spread across lots of different departments.

Pharma SVP

I can see the benefit of having this all in one location, stored and connected.

Director, New Product Planning

Think of the time this will save us.

Medical Affairs Director

It’s awesome that we and our med comms agency can all see and share the same information.

Global Brand Lead

Better than having lots of bits of info all over the place


Game changing information, available for everyone

Thecosystems flattens the field and democratises data. Now everyone has access to board-level research information.

Simply-priced, by individual subscription. And available instantly, on your laptop, mobile, tablet or desktop – whenever you need it, wherever you have internet access.


Ready to see things differently?

Available instantly.