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Can’t always get what you want? How streamed data delivers – right here, right now

Stakeholder research is invaluable when it’s done well.  Accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information drives engaging plans that persuade and lead to successful launches. Too often, a lack of good stakeholder information prevents that success.

So much trouble in the world

You can hit difficulties in getting good information about the people with influence in your disease area right from the start.

  • It can take an age for your procurement team to find, contract and commission a research agency to pull the data together.
  • It takes many more days to crunch the data and create the list you need.
  • Because you haven’t been able to see a sample cut, there’s a chance that your search terms produce a result that’s not really what you want.
  • And within 12 months your newly researched database is likely to be incomplete or alarmingly out of date.

After all that, it’s not even as if you get data that’s user-friendly.  Spreadsheets are unwieldy, especially when several team members are working with the same list.  However great your version control it’s too easy to duplicate effort, miss people out or send conflicting messages.

That’s why we created a new way of holding, sharing and updating information about the people of interest for your drug.

The times they are a-changin'                                             

When we built the Thecosystems application we looked to the successes of music streaming.  We realised that pharmaceutical companies have been so focused on owning the data they use, in hard-copy format, they’ve sometimes overlooked some of the seismic changes in the availability of information.

Nowadays pretty much everyone’s details are available somewhere online, perfectly legally, even since GDPR. So, the way you can get an edge on competitors is no longer about owning data.

Instead it’s about having the ability to put it to work for you and your drug.

Here, there and everywhere

Just as music streaming means that fans can enjoy tunes whenever they want, wherever they like, our Thecosystems app lets you get to the information you want, as and when you need it.  And because the data is held centrally, everyone in your team can access it simultaneously.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re on the road, in the office or at a conference.

When someone makes a change – updating their interactions, adding someone to a contact group, sending invitations to an event – everyone can see.  If a team member discovers a great new way of considering your target audience, it’s quick and easy to get a sample list to check it works.  Then everyone can benefit from their idea.

All the regular updates we make to your data are automatically available. And because it’s stored in the cloud there’s no risk anyone can corrupt, damage or mismanage your data.

The whole world in your hands

It’s not just about easy access to profiles of the people of interest for your therapy area.  Thecosystems gives you an overview of the whole therapeutic ecosystem for your drug.

While it can't suggest artists and songs based on your favorite tracks, it can show you how each person of interest is connected with others, and help you uncover networks and clusters for you to target.

Be here now

All this is available to your company and your product, right now. With Thecosystems, you and your team get 24/7 access to robust, up-to-date, flexible information that includes all the people of interest for your product.

About the author

Carlos Varela

Carlos heads the technical side of our business.  His team’s work in connecting data that’s never been connected before is ground-breaking (we tell him so – regularly).


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