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“People of Interest” – who are they and why do they matter?

The stakeholder environment is the subject of learned papers and conference speeches.  It’s complex, and increasingly tricky to navigate.  So how do companies who wish to successfully commercialise a new medicine or device get a complete view of the therapeutic ecosystem it will inhabit?

We believe there’s more to it than list building.  As the number of players expands and the information available increases, we focus on finding all the people who can make a difference.  Getting an in-depth understanding of the people of interest for your product is what’s critical to success.

Who are the People of Interest?

In our view, the days of the “pyramid of influence” are past.  Doctors are important, as are the clinical contacts that your sales, marketing and research teams nurture.  But nowadays there are many more influencers.

We look beyond stakeholders, key opinion leaders, thought leaders and advocates.  Instead we work to this definition: “People of interest qualify themselves by having demonstrable activity in the disease area.

So we include:  Buyers, payers, policy-makers, advisory board members, consultants and politicians.  Patients, activists, bloggers, vloggers and Tweeters.  Writers, speakers and peer-influencers.  Supporters and skeptics.

These people may have neither purchasing nor prescribing power.  But their influence in a particular therapy area should make them of interest to anyone operating in that ecosystem.

Cultivating good opinions, and working to modify negative opinions, builds stronger relationships with all the people of interest.  That means decision-makers are more likely to be receptive to your approach, and your product.

How can you find the People of Interest?

To be sure you’re talking to the right people, talk to the right people.  At MMRG, we specialise in stakeholder research.  We start by finding the people of interest for your product.  We show you their connections and collaborations.  Then we help you understand them, target them and build relationships with them.

We agree with you how wide we cast our net. Worldwide or regional? Those with direct purchasing authority or those who influence the decision-makers?

Our information is robust, up-to-date and flexible, and includes everyone who matters.  No cherry-picking.  No black-box algorithms.

To make life even easier our Thecosystems app lets you view the therapeutic ecosystem that your product will inhabit in an easy-to-use online tool.  You get in-depth profiles, including a unique view of their connections, of everyone with involvement in your therapy area.   And everyone in your team can work together to choose the people to talk to, plan communications, make sure you’re delivering appropriate messages, and track your interactions.

Talk to us about finding your people of interest.

About the author

Dr Peter Byrne

Our medical and research team is headed by Peter. Although his days in the clinic are behind him, it’s Peter’s clinical acumen, research experience and investigatory skills that enables us to deliver relevant and useful research.


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