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What’s in a name? – Why we talk about stakeholders

“Always check the label.”
If you think about it, we come across this piece of advice all the time. But it’s not just on food labels or washing instructions where it matters; it’s important advice for stakeholder engagement too.
At MMRG, we have been working in this field for over 35 years. It’s true to say that the stakeholder environment is littered with labels.

We hear about ‘opinion leaders’, ‘KOLs’, ‘thought leaders’, ‘advocates’, ‘external experts’, ‘influencers’, ‘digital opinion leaders’… the list is endless.

At first glance these labels appear as variations on a theme. But if you dig a little deeper, it becomes apparent that they may, in fact, be rather different. At MMRG, we know the importance of clearly defining the types of stakeholder our clients wish to target, and understand the nuances of working with each.

Based upon this understanding, we can determine the type of research most effective for engaging these various stakeholder groups.

Some research projects require looking for stakeholders who are the most active across a range of activities and platforms. Some research looks for stakeholders whose peers respect and recommend them.

Other projects search for the people who are the most senior in their field – those holding key positions in institutions, or who have been key speakers and writers at conferences and in journals.

Whoever you need to find, and whichever approach we use, at MMRG we explain our methodology in plain language, without an air of mystery. So, you can be sure that what you ask for is what you get.

About the author

Saliu Giwa-Osagie

With a background in the technical aspects of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals and now working in the research analyst team, Saliu’s skills help us to streamline our workflow and develop new ways of seeing and interpreting data.


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