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Frequently asked questions

It’s a disease-specific view of all the people and activities that shape a therapeutic condition.  It’s available for anyone working in the life sciences sector through a subscription service.

Four years ago, we brought together a group of clients (from various sized pharmaceutical companies) to think about the changing business environment.  We explored lots of ideas about the changing information needs of different teams interacting with external stakeholders in the future. Thecosystems is the result of many hours of thinking, experimentation and testing.

It’s all from the public domain.  We reference every piece of data, so you know exactly where it has come from.

We regularly update Thecosystems.  It depends on the amount of activity within a given disease condition, but we usually update the core information quarterly. Features in the Spotlight section such as news and events are updated as they occur.

If you are starting to work in a new disease area, or you need to familiarise yourself with someone’s professional background before you contact them, Thecosystems allows you to dive right in and with absolute confidence, explore the therapeutic landscape, or individual, in detail.

During its development, we proved that using Thecosystems saved its users huge amounts of time and effort.  Despite the fact that all the data in Thecosystems can be found through internet research, users found that Thecosystems gave them a clearer perspective of the therapeutic condition. 

We update Thecosystems regularly, if you find something has changed before we notice it, send us an email to

Yes, Thecosystems works on a PC or Mac. All you need is an internet connection, there is no software to install or configure.

You can access Thecosystems on up to five different devices with your subscription.