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At the heart of every disease condition lies a community of experienced and highly respected people.

They are the specialists, experts, policymakers, clinicians, academics, digital activists, even patients, who together, due to their experience and expertise, influence and lead the evaluation of new innovations.

If you are serious about engaging with the people that matter, the Thecosystems App has been developed for you. It gives you a detailed view of who is in the community, why they are important, what they think, and how they fit into the therapeutic ecosystem, or, as we call it, the Thecosystem.

A Thecosystem is for anyone who needs to talk to innovators, early adopters, subject matter experts, policymakers, KOLs, and advocates in the real world.

What is a Thecosystem?

It is a global resource of the leading people, events, and activities focused on a specific disease condition. 

Without prejudice, it brings together global public domain data on the most significant, senior, and impactful people, and it makes it available to you, literally at your fingertips.


It’s available instantly.

It’s updated regularly.

Everything is referenced to its source.


It’s all the information you would find if you decided to trawl through publicly available information sources, but organised, collated and connected.


To be absolutely clear:


It is not a ranked list.

It is not an Excel file.

It is not a PowerPoint deck.

It is not the output of a ‘black box’ algorithm.

It is agnostic to specialties.

It is not a replacement for your CRM.

Beyond the Pyramid

In the 1970s, the concept of the Pyramid of Influence dominated commercial thinking (in some places it still does). The argument was that if you could influence those people at the top of the hierarchical pyramid (usually the treating physicians) to adopt your way of thinking,  their status and influence were all that was needed to persuade everyone below them to follow their decision-making. The goal at the time was to find out who was at the top of the pyramid, and then to focus all of your attention on them.

In our view, that single, doctor-dominated pyramid no longer exists in the 2020s. It’s time to think beyond the traditional pyramid of influence to the other people who matter.

Communities of Interest

Today, we are conscious that many different disciplines, specialisms, and interest groups now have a voice in key healthcare decisions. Look at reimbursement bodies – patient representatives now sit side-by-side with academic researchers and clinical professors, all contributing to the debate on whether an innovation should be reimbursed, and where it ought to be used.

Pharmacists, nurses, and health economists regularly sit on formulary committees, and their expertise contributes to key decision-making.

In our view, the roaring 20s ahead of us will be characterized by communities of interest working together.

Professional networks and connections

In the 17th century, John Donne famously wrote that ‘no man is an island’. As we learn more about our interconnected world, the leading thinkers find one another. They collaborate. They attend the same events. They sit on common committees; they talk to one another.

In our view, knowing what someone has done is not as smart as knowing who they have done it with. News travels fast within a community, and that can be harnessed if understood.

Data privacy

Without too much effort, one can see that the environment for data protection and privacy is changing, and will emerge as a key theme in the post-pandemic 2020s. Where possible, people are conducting their working, personal, and leisure lives online. In the shadow of the Netflix movie The Social Dilemma, people realize that their data, no matter how trivial, has value, and this can be used positively or negatively towards them. In the healthcare world we envisage continued change in this environment, and we plan to be at its vanguard.

In our view, the three most significant privacy laws in recent times are: the APPI - The Act on the Protection of Personal Information (2017) in Japan,  the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation (2018) in Europe, and the CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act (2020) covering California.

Drip, drip, drip

As we look at our professional and personal worlds, we realize that we have all been infected with the DRIP syndrome – in many ways, we are Data Rich and Information Poor today. We all have more data than ever before. We are juggling more apps, navigating more platforms, and subscribing to more systems than we can remember. 

And that is before we consider what we can access by surfing the internet.

In this environment, we are conscious that everyone needs to spend their time well.  

We cannot promise we will save you time (something else will always fill the gap). What we can guarantee is that 15 minutes spent in a Thecosystem will boost your confidence and put you in the best possible mental shape when preparing to engage with an external expert.

Collaboration across the company

If we had a dime for every time one of our clients said that ‘the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing in our company’ we would be retired.

A Thecosystem cuts through the data and stretches across borders. It allows people working on common goals to do so openly, clearly, and purposely.

Thecosystems is a way to collaborate; the only thing that you need to bring is a will.

Influence does not need a passport.

 A regular feature of our research is the unexpected.

 Often when studying a disease condition, we find people in one continent emerge as influential players in a completely different continent. 

We anticipate that this will increase in the digitally interconnected 20s.  Experts in Spain and Portugal will develop their relationships in Latin America, all without leaving their home office. And the same will be true across many different countries and regions. The genie is out of the bottle, and expertise will travel through fibre, not on an aeroplane.

Rising Stars

At any one moment the community of experienced and respected people at the heart of a disease condition will change. New people will move in as old ones move out. Having a good grasp of tomorrow’s leaders is the thing that sets companies apart.

Thecosystems is a broad spectrum view of the world, and it therefore enables you to see them all in one place, connected, referenced, and profiled.

What people say about working with us….

I’m just now discovering fully this data base now and my jaw has dropped! What an amazing tool! WOW!!! Now that we are actively working on our pipeline, this is pure gold!
Senior Director, Commercial Lead, Europe.

This is way ahead (of other systems), good quality, the software is easy to manipulate, you can dive down and keep following on - I liked the connections - even to LinkedIn.
Device Company CEO

That's awesome!
It's really cool.
I've never come across anything like this.
I've had to do it the hard way - by desk research, this looks like fun to play with.
Big pharma co MSL
Just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for hosting such a terrific session on [our] Thecosystems. They are a terrific resource and [I’m] glad we expanded awareness to our internal team.
Associate Director, Global Medical Affairs

I have seen quite a few of these types of systems, this is the best.
Senior Director, National Medical Science Liaisons

This looks brilliant, I just wish we had it for other recent launches.
Senior Medical Director.

About Us.

What makes us different?

  • Where most others see dots, we often see constellations.
  • We are a group of life scientists, physicians, pharmacists, specialist researchers, behavioural scientists, software developers, and communication experts, and we are infatuated with how new healthcare innovations are accepted into everyday clinical practice.
  • We understand the global healthcare environment well, and we can apply our knowledge and experiences thoughtfully.
  • We are inquisitive and imaginative. We rarely, if ever, see barriers. We respect the trust that our clients place in us, and we take that responsibility seriously.
  • We are restless with the status quo.

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